Find out about how here at Honeste we support local and global for-good causes

Here at Honeste we are truly passionate about using our small business to support charities and for good causes, we especially love those supporting environmental, wildlife and conservation efforts.


We commit to donating 10% of our profits annually across these charities through monetary donations as well as donating goods to help raise funds. This is split with a minimum of 5% being committed to the World Land Trust and a further 5% supporting other charities throughout each year.


Charities Supported:


World Land Trust

We commit to at least 5% of profits being donated to the World Land Trust. The World Land Trust works globally to protect and sustainably manage natural ecosystems. They work with local communities, empowering them to support conservation projects and efforts. Much of their work focusses on endangered species, threatened habitats and ensuring biodiversity is conserved. Their patrons include Sir David Attenborough, Steve Backshall, Chris Packham and David Gower.


Louise & Katherine's Thoughts: To us, this charity has a wonderful mission to protect land and the biodiversity within it. We love that they support the entire ecosystem and work in partnership with local communities and organisations. On a personal level, we are very passionate about biodiversity loss and threats to the Asian elephant with both of us having spent a great amount of time in Asia and with our families respective backgrounds being mixed Asian. Louise was staggered when she visited Borneo nearly a decade ago:


"I remember travelling on a local bus for 4 hours, the land was incredibly flat but all you could see for miles in every direction was palm-oil plantations. I was lucky enough to camp in a very small area of remaining protected forest and walk with our guide at night to spot wildlife (seeing a wild civet cat was a highlight); it was a memory I will never forget and was a real wake up call for me".

More information can be found here: World Land Trust


Other charities we have supported:

You will find all of our charitable updates on our newsletter and our blog.


We are pleased to have also supported several other charities so far in our journey as a small business.


Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

Brent Lodge is a wildlife hospital on the south coast of England. This wonderful charity cares for and rehabilitates sick, injured and orphaned wildlife right here in the UK. Their aim is to get the animals back to full health so they can be released back into the wild; hugely important given the fact the UK is one of the "world's most nature-depleted countries".

More information can be found here: Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital


CLASP Wokingham

Clasp is a brilliant charity supporting adults with learning difficulties. CLASP stands for: Caring, Listening And Supporting Partnership.

An amazing group of self-advocacy individuals who employ people with learning difficulties as well as providing volunteering opportunities. They also support and deliver training on learning disability awareness, run projects, provide information, advice as well as one to one support for individuals. We were very happy to support this charity that is local to us and has a fantastic and positive impact in our society.

More information can be found here: CLASP Wokingham


Whale and Dolphin Conservation

In addition to donating a percentage of profits detailed above, we also recycle our used ink cartridges to the Recycling Factory to raise funds for Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). The WDC is dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins globally. Should at the time of donation, the recycling factory not take the specific ink cartridges we have, we will endeavour to find alternative recycling charitable and for good causes as an alternative.

More information can be found here: Whale & Dolphin Conservation


We work with a number of suppliers to design and curate our eco-friendly homeware ranges. Where possible we work with fairtrade and companies that also give back as part of their daily business and share our common values. For example, we work with a supplier that is a certified 1% for the planet member and another that is a member of a tree-planting scheme. Under each product, you will find a description which includes specific information about that product and its for-good involvement.