Announcing Our New Charity Partnership

Updated: Mar 3

Honeste New Charity Partnership - 10% of Profits Go To Charity

We are delighted to announce that our new main charity benefactor is the World Land Trust. Since we started Honeste in 2020 we committed to giving at least 10% of our annual profits to good causes each year.

Over the past few months, we short-listed a number of charities where we would commit a minimum of 5% of our profits annually. So, we are so pleased to say that we chose the World Land Trust as our main charity partner. The world land trust is a global charity committed to supporting and enhancing the protection of endangered species and habitats. You can read more about our charity policy and partnerships here on our website. But, the World Land Trust is not the only charity we support. We reserve a further 5% of profits (minimum) to support other charities through the year; any reserve not used for other charities will be added to the donations for the World Land Trust.

Protecting and sustainably managing natural ecosystems

The World Land Trust takes a holistic approach to conservation - looking at wildlife and the habitats and ecosystem on which they depend. The world land trust works hand in hand with local communities and partner organisations to protect and conserve biodiversity. The trust helps local partner organisations protect and purchase threatened ecosystems and then work with these local communities and organisations to manage and improve biodiversity in these forests.

Planting a tree

Honeste - Supporting Planting Trees and Reforestation

There are many great tree-planting initiatives now taking place. The world land trust local partner's work with communities to establish well-run tree nurseries. Saplings are managed and monitored for the first 10 years of their life until they are mature.

Keepers of the Wild

The World Land Trust supports many local partner organisations on the front line. This can include reserve management, rangers, species and wildlife monitoring and day-to-day site management. It also provides employment opportunities for local men and women.

Species Protection

Honeste - supporting conservation, wildlife and species protection

Through the above, the World Land Trust supports the conservations of hundreds of mammals, fish, insects, plant and bird species. In Asia, it supports projects in India to protect corridors between the last remaining national parks for elephants. Similarly in Borneo over 89 hectares of rainforest habitat have been purchased, protecting a vital corridor connecting the fragmented Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary with the Kinabatangan River. Not only does this help protect elephants, but orangutans, proboscis monkeys, birds and many more of the species threatened in the area. Some examples of other endangered plants and wildlife being protected through its conservation species include: Bengal Tigers, African Elephants Brown-Throated Sloths, Orcas, Northern Tamanduas, Pangolins, Gorillas, Turtles, Condors, Owls, Penguins and many many more.

Find out more about the World Land Trust's work here.

What's next

The World Land Trust is not the only for-good charitable cause we support. We may be small, but we want to make sure conservation, sustainability and community is at the heart of our businesses. Over the past few month's we have supported fundraising efforts for Clasp Wokingham supporting adults with learning difficulties and Brent Lodge Animal Hospital. We also donate all our ink cartridges to raise funds for Whale and Dolphin conservation and work with suppliers who share similar values and in-turn also support great causes. You can read all about it here. You'll find more announcements about further charitable events and causes we support throughout the year right here on our blog.

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