How To Make The Perfect Christmas Eve Box: Ideas for Kids and Adults

Updated: Mar 3

Thinking about making a Christmas Eve box for a loved one? We have lots of ideas for adults and kids for you to make this Christmas extra special and personalised.

What is a Christmas Eve Box?

The tradition of a Christmas Eve box has its origins from Germany where Christmas, like in many other countries, is celebrated on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve Boxes can be used for many different things and that is what makes them so wonderful and personal. You may want to use them to help keep the kids busy the day/night before Christmas so you can be free to finish all those last minute rushed chores we all know we end up with on Christmas Eve. It can be used as a way to build excitement or to break up Christmas over a few days. Other ideas are to fill it with items to help your child get a good night's sleep knowing it's filled with delicious nibbles for Father Christmas.

Who is a Christmas Eve Box for?

Anyone really! They are great gifts for children and adults alike. We've given Christmas Eve wooden boxes to nephews, nieces, god children, friends and this year it will be Katherine's daughter's first Christmas so we can't wait to celebrate her first Christmas with a Christmas Eve box.

Choosing a box

We recommend choosing a strong wooden box for a Christmas Eve Box - that way it can last for years and years, becoming a lovely tradition. It can also be used for storing little Christmas decorations during the year and is more sustainable and eco-friendly than a disposable box.

There are lots of fantastic designs you can get and here at Honeste we have 3 beautiful designs all on sustainable eco-friendly solid pine boxes.

Try and order your personalised boxes (wherever you buy them from) as early as possible as many places tend to sell out quite early on.

The Perfect Box

Fill the boxes with items that mean something to you or the your loved one. There really is no right or wrong! Below we've put together some of our personal favourites here at Honeste.

You can fill your boxes with a complete mixture of items - edible, practical, creative, fun; it really is up to you! The other great thing about these boxes is they can be filled with items for any budget - use recycled items already in your home to create eco-friendly craft kits or splurge to your heart's content.

Ideas for Children's Christmas Eve boxes

Christmas Pyjamas: Pop in a set of pyjamas that they can wear to bed or lounge in over Christmas. You could even get matching PJs for the whole family.

Story Book: A great way to keep a child entertained on Christmas eve or to read to a child on the night before Christmas.

Puzzles: Keep a child entertained with a puzzle through the Christmas period.

Games: Add a child's game to keep them entertained and add even more Christmas filled fun on Christmas Eve and beyond.

Colouring Books: Colour is such a great activity to entertain kids as well as being a great calming activity as well.

Craft Kits: We are huge fans of all things crafts. You could add craft kits from arts to sewing, painting, knitting or making your own Christmas festivity scene.

Mug and Hot Chocolate: A lovely little treat before bedtime. You can pop in a mug with some hot chocolate, marshmallows and sprinkles (and if you are vegan - there are now some brilliant vegan hot chocolates and marshmallows out there).

Cuddly Toy: A lovely little early gift and something for any child to cuddle through the night before waking up on Christmas day.

Colour your own t-shirt: One of my favourite gifts we have given my partner's god-child was a washable colour your own t-shirt. Create a t-shirt for Christmas Day and beyond that you wash and re-create again and again and again.

Candy: Christmas chocolates, bon bons and candy canes. Treat them to a few sweet surprises for Christmas.

A letter from Father Christmas: How about adding a letter from none other than Father Christmas? A fun and budget friendly way to add excitement on Christmas eve.

Ideas for Adults Christmas Eve boxes

Get Boozy: Add in their favourite booze or something new for them to try. From craft ales to miniature spirits or liqueurs. Or make a little cocktail kit - add in a recipe, alcohol and mixers. You can always pop in a little tumbler or coaster as well.

Edible Goodies: Whether they have a sweet tooth or a savoury one. Think chocolates, sweets, nuts, protein bars, jams, spreads or biscuits.

Hangover Kits: To recover from all the boozy gifts, add in a fun hangover kit they can use on Christmas day. Again, you can make your own with some Alka-Seltzer, cooling head pack, green tea, paracetamol and an eye mask.

Toiletries: Add in their favourite bubble bath, moisturiser, face wash or more.

Movie: Christmas movies are always a lovely thing to watch together, check out the TV schedule and write down the options for you to choose from.

Ideas for Her

Jewellery: Christmas a day early! And, if you want something different - how about a charity bracelet? We love 4Ocean bracelets that fund the removal of plastics from the ocean.

Relaxing Pillow Spray: A great way to de-stress and get a great night's sleep. There are many great cruelty-free and natural pillow sprays now. Look for ones with lavender which are especially great for calming and relaxing.

Candles: Bring a bit of cosy Danish hygge to a home. Candles are a great way to bring atmosphere and warmth to any room. Candles with lovely scents such as pine or cranberry will bring a wonderful smell of Christmas to any home.

Bath salts: Bath salts are great way to relax and help reduce any muscle aches or pain. You could even create your own by using Epsom or Himalayan salts and adding a few drops of relaxing essential oils.

Ideas for Him

Slippers: Keep their toes warm with a cosy pair of slippers. Not a fan of slippers? How about slipper socks that can be easily popped in the wash.

A Christmas Eve Tipple: How about a traditional Scottish hot toddy or a miniature of their favourite spirit.

A family Christmas Eve Box

Treats for Father Christmas and Rudolph: Use your box for your children to offer treats to Father Christmas when he comes to deliver gifts. Add some carrots for Rudolph and his friends and a mince pie for Santa.

PJs: Why not choose a set of PJs the whole family can match and have fun relaxing together in.

A movie: A great activity to do on Christmas Eve and relax or on Christmas day.

Family Photo: Add a family photo, maybe one celebrating a family's favourite or special moment that year.

Family Board / Card Games: Who doesn't love a family board game! It is most definitely a Christmas tradition in our family. Just be sure to choose a game which isn't going to get too feisty! Or, make your own game with some post-its, cards etc.

Ginger Bread kits: Add items to make a ginger bread house (recipe, readymade dough, cookie cutters, sprinkles, icing etc) or if a house is a little bit too much - how about a kit to decorate little ginger bread men.

Family Puzzle: A great activity for the whole family to get involved in.

Pet Toys: Why not get the entire family involved including beloved pets (I've already bought my cats Christmas dinners!). Add a pet toy or some pet treats.

Eco-Friendly Ideas

Eco-Crafts: There are some great eco-friendly craft kits on the market. Or, you can create your own by putting together some eco-friendly natural glue, wooden lollipop sticks, organic or recycled cotton string, ribbons and fabric and recycled cards.

Make your own bauble: A lovely family fun activity to do. Choose a sustainable natural non-dyed wooden disc, drill a hole and the top and use natural unbleached twine to create the hook. You can use non-toxic felt-pens, eco-glitter and natural glue to create a wonderful set of family eco-friendly Christmas baubles to use year after year.

Reusable drinks bottles: A great gift to use on Christmas day and throughout the year. Use it to keep a drink by the bed and keep it sealed to prevent dust getting into your drink and avoid spills.

Make your own bird house / insect house / bee hotel: another great one for families. Paint your own bird house or insect house - not only a great activity but a great one to help nature in your garden / balcony thrive.

Eco-friendly toiletries: there are now lots of great sustainable, eco-friendly, cruelty-free toiletry brands on the market. From shampoo in a can to shampoo bars, packaging free make-up, soap bars or body scrubs using coffee bean waste from coffee shops!

Charity gifts: Whether charity jewellery, notebooks, donations, reusable bags or something else. A charity gift is a lovely way to give gifts with added benefits to a whole array of fantastic for-good organisations.

Where can you get a Christmas Eve box from?

That's easy! Here at Honeste we have 3 wonderful personalised sustainable wooden Christmas Eve boxes. You can personalised each one with the name(s) of your loved ones and a message of your choice. 10% of profits from each goes to charity which you can read more on here.

Final thoughts on Christmas Eve boxes

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to Christmas Eve boxes. We would love to know what other ideas you have for filling the boxes and share with others below.

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