Supporting Mama To Mama - Margate

We are super excited to announce we are supporting Mama To Mama Margate this summer. Mama To Mama Margate was created to support vulnerable expectant mothers whilst also helping prevent landfill waste at the same time. Read on for more on how we are supporting them and how you can get involved.

If you know Honeste then you know that giving back and the environment is core to us here. We want to use our little business to help others and the planet in a sustainable manner.

We were staggered to find out that in the UK there are 183 million items of outgrown baby clothes that are no longer used...all stored away in peoples homes. With 300,000 items of clothing heading to landfill every single week in the UK alone; we love that Mama To Mama Margate use donations of preloved baby clothes and curate them into amazing care boxes for vulnerable expectant mothers. Not only does this support people

through the earliest stages of motherhood but helps prevent landfill as well.

Mama To Mama Margate are currently crowdfunding to raise funds for a permanent facility to store and process donations and develop a support network. As an added incentive (as if you need one really); Mama To Mama Margate have teamed up with 47 small independent businesses including Honeste to offer rewards and prizes for those supporting their crowdfunding round. We are offering an exclusive discount for those pledging support for the crowdfunder and a special free Honeste Mama To Mama Card exclusively created to support this cause (ts and cs apply - please see Mama To Mama Margate for details).

For more information check out Mama To Mama Margate on Instagram or on their website Mama To Mama Club.

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