Tropical Is In: Bring Sunshine Into Your Home With These Three New Lampshades

This week we launched not one, not two, but three new handmade sustainable lampshade designs. Find out more about our bold new tropical designs and how they can transform the feel of a room. We give you tips on how to incorporate patterned lampshades into a room and where best to place them to give you that look you've always wanted.

Organic Eco-Friendly Tropical Drum Lampshades

The Story Behind The Lampshades

Each of the products at Honeste tells a story and has meaning and these lampshades are no different.

Each of these lampshades has been inspired by our travels and our cultural backgrounds here at Honeste. So, let's start with our Seigaiha Marine Blue lampshade. I have a special place in my heart for all things Japanese design. Admiring both the concept of Japanese wabi-sabi (appreciating imperfect and impermanent beauty) and the traditional blue and white block printing in Japan. I also admire the Japanese way of life - Ikagai (reason for being), took Japanese lessons two decades ago (I can still only speak a few words) and studied Karate for 12 years. This design is inspired by my love of Japanese interiors, simplicity and block print designs and from my travels across Japan.

Our handmade Seigaiha wave cotton lampshade brings a beautiful touch of Japanese design to any room. Our fabric features the rhymic alternating marine blue and white Japanese Seigaiha or 'wave' block pattern. The Seigaiha pattern is a traditional pattern symbolising waves of good luck. The water or waves also were used to symbolise resilience and peaceful living and tranquillity.

I love how a simple print can create something quite intricate and beautiful, its both bold, striking and yet delicate at the same time.

Eco-Friendly Japanese Blue Patterned Lampshade

The Organic Orchid and Palm Leaf Lampshades

We had been planning these designs for quite some time between Katherine and myself. We both love tropical prints and what they can do to transform a room and bring a real sense of adventure, sunlight and warmth to a room. They help brighten up a space and uplift you during those winter months. Inspired by both the time I spent living in South East Asia and my Thai heritage, family in Hawaii, travels to the Indian Ocean, and Katherine's Indian family ties and travels across Asia.

"These are some of my favourite prints, they transport me back to those far away shores, where you can lose yourself getting lost on those long sandy beaches. This perfect home decor can transform any room; whether you have a keen eye for interior design or just fancy a little update, it brings a new revival to any room. The best part is that it can be achieved without a massive cost outlay" Katherine

How Our Lampshades Are Made

Traditional lampshade making is quite labour intensive and requires precision and patience. Each of the lampshades uses traditional hand-rolling methods and is made to order.

Lampshade Making

These lampshades are our eco-friendliest so far in terms of the construction. We start with our fabric materials, hand cutting these to the right size for each lampshade. They are steamed to make sure they are perfect and free from creases. The lining is then hand-cut to size. The lining uses a premium eco-friendly card responsibly sourced and chlorine-free from renewable managed forests.

We then apply the fabric to the backing and then carefully roll the fabric-backed lining onto the lampshade rings. We hand roll the fabric to create the top and bottom finishes and use traditional hand tools to secure the fabric around the rings. Once the structure is completed, it is time to make sure they are fire-proofed. We use a non-toxic water-based fire-proofing spray and apply two coats and leave to dry.

How a pattered lampshade can transform a room

Lighting can completely change the look and feel of a room and lampshades are a simple and easy way to do this.

Tropical Drum Palm Leaf Lampshade

Neutral Rooms

If you have a neutral coloured room you can add that layer to the feel of a room through a patterned lampshade. It can add colour without being too much or too bold that say bedsheets, sofa or curtains maybe.

Bring together a feel of a room

You may not be looking for a 'themed' room but you may well be looking for a look / feel or design story - it could be tropical, adventure, world traveller, mindful, coastal etc. A lampshade is a great design element which can finish off a room and bring a design together.

Bring patterns together

Long gone are the ways when everything in a room 'had' to match. Nowadays, we love to mix colours, patterns and textures. Patterned and bold lampshades can bring out the other patterns, colours and features of a room. It can bring other colours together - for example; our Organic Palm Leaf print is perfect for rooms with beiges/neutrals, greens and blacks in them.

Introduce patterns into a room

You may love patterns but might not want them all over your room. Lampshades are a great way to introduce some pattern, interest and depth into a room in a more subtle way.

Making a plainer lamp shine

A pattered lampshade is a brilliant way of transforming not just a room but a table lamp. You might have a simple table lamp or floor lamp which can look a little drab with a neutral plan lampshade. Using a bolder or patterned lampshade can hugely change the look of the lamp itself.

Where best to place your lampshade

All three of these lampshades can be used to transform any room of your house. The Japanese lampshade looks great in a bedroom, living room or study/office area. The geometric design adds structure whilst its repeating pattern adds organisation and calmness to a room. For example, we have the Seigaiha Marine Blue Japanese lampshade in our office/study/reading area.

The tropical orchid shade is a beautiful addition to add a summery feel to a living or garden room or a bedroom. With its bright colours and floral patterns, it can be suitable for children's rooms as well and is a great option for a pattern which they won't grow out of.

We love the organic palm leaf pattern for a bedroom or living room. It brings both a sense of the tropics whilst adding a real depth to the design of a room.

The lampshades can be made for pendants or table/floor lampshades. This means you can use the lampshade as a central piece of a room design as a pendant lampshade or as an accent or to add design elements through a bedside table lampshade or floor lamp around the room.

How To Incorporate a Patterned Lampshade Into A Room

The world's your oyster really! Now that matching everything in your room is no longer a written rule, you can really play around with patterns, colours and textures. The lampshades can be brilliant as stand-alone pieces in a neutral room or bring together some of the colours through accessories, soft-furnishings and art-work. We can now custom make matching cushions for most of our lampshades so please contact us for options.

Bringing together the look of a room

Look to utilise elements of the design. For example, with the Tropical Leaf design; natural fibres, neutrals or black cushions and other botanical patterns look brilliant with this lampshade to create a botanical or natural look. For a Japanese feel, bring in blocks of blue or white colours through soft-furnishings, delicate wabi-sabi inspired ceramics and natural decor using wood, stone and bamboo.

Use with other patterns

Don't be afraid to mix patterns. For example; our Tropical Orchid lampshade looks brilliant with green and white or pink and white patterns. Our Seigaiha wave lampshade looks great with larger blue geometric patterns to bring the colours together. In Japan, you will see designs that mix several traditional patterns such as a Saigaiha wave pattern with Asanoha (hemp leaf) or Kanako (fawn) patterns for example.

We would love to see how you have used your lampshades and what travels, cultures or memories have inspired interior design in your homes - please do leave us a comment. Remember you can sign-up to our newsletter for all our latest tips/guides and exclusive offers and competitions.

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