Set of 3 delicate handmade carved starfish. Made from sustainably sourced lightweight wood and inspired by the British coast.


Makes a wonderful addition to any conservatory, living room, bathroom or bedroom to add a gorgeous nautical touch.


The set includes 3 starfish with the following dimensions

1 x Large - 24cm White

1 x Medium - 17cm Dark Blue

1 x Small - 12cm Light Blue


Care: These wooden starfish are for decorative purposes only and are not a toy.


Environmental: These hand-carved starfish are made using lightweight sustainable wood. Each is handpainted using minimal low VOC paint - this means the VOC content is between 0% and 0.29%.



10% of our profits go towards environmental and wildlife charities.


All our packaging is 100% plastic-free. Our boxes are made from recycled cardboard and we use 100% recycled brown paper to protect your goods. We seal our packages using plastic-free brown paper tape and finish your package off with our Honeste stamp using toxic-free, vegan, plant-based ink. All our packaging is recyclable or compostable.


For an even more environmentally friendly solution, be sure to select our 'reused packaging' option at the checkout.

Handmade Sustainable Wooden Starfish Set

SKU: M001
  • ✿ Natural Renewable Sustainable Materials

    ✄ Handmade

    ✦ Low VOC Paint

    ♡ Supports Good Causes