Our beautiful hand-carved coconut bowls are a wonderful way to bring nature to your dinnerware. The bowl and spoon set is 100% natural, free from chemicals, toxins, vegan friendly and are organic.


This coconut bowl features our stunning leaf design, a beautifully natural and botanical design hand-carved across each individual bowl.


Our reclaimed wooden spoon is made from organic ebony and is a fantastic durable natural utensil to use with your bowl.


This set is a perfect way to start your day with a healthy smoothie or açaí bowl, cereal, porridge or use for salads, stews, Buddha bowls and more. The bowls can be used for warm or cold food.


The set includes:

1 x Leaf Etched Coconut Bowl (approx 14cm x 7cm)

1 x Dark Wood Reclaimed Spoon (approx 19cm x 3cm)


Our bowls and spoons are SGS/FDA food contact certified.


As these are a natural product, each bowls exact colour and shape may vary.



The bowls and spoons are very easy to look after;

- Not suitable for microwaves or dishwashers

- Simply wash in warm, soapy water and dry with a cloth

- Store in a cool, dry area

- We do not recommend using the bowls to store food in the fridge due to the temperature change impact on natural materials

- Occasionally rub with oil to keep the wood in perfect condition

- Use warm or cold tap water to rinse the bowl before adding warm or cold food (we recommend avoiding boiling hot liquids).



Our coconut bowls are handmade in the Bên Tre region of Vietnam. Usually, when coconuts have been harvested for their oil, milk or meat the shells are burnt or simply discarded. Using what would otherwise be a waste product, the shells are hand-carved and prevented from being burnt to make these beautiful and practical bowls. This also provides the local farmers with additional income and employs local artisans and hand-carvers in the local communities.


The spoons are made from ebony wood scraps - a waste product of furniture manufacturing. These scraps would otherwise become discarded waste products or burnt.


By upcycling the coconut shells and ebony wood, they are prevented from being burnt.


No animal products are used in the manufacturing of these bowls; they are vegan-friendly.


The bowls and spoons are 100% natural, plastic-free and biodegradable. They are also organic and no chemicals or pesticides have been used to grow the coconuts. The bowls are 100% compostable.


We work with an ethical UK partner who is a certified 1% for the planet member to source our bowls and spoons. 


All our packaging is 100% plastic-free. Our boxes are made from recycled cardboard and we use 100% recycled brown paper to protect your goods. We seal our packages using plastic-free brown paper tape and finish your package off with our Honeste stamp using toxic-free, vegan, plant-based ink. All our packaging is recyclable or compostable.


For an even more environmentally friendly solution, be sure to select our 'reused packaging' option at the checkout.


10% of our profits go towards environmental and wildlife charities.

Tropical Palm Etched Organic Coconut Bowl & Spoon Set

  • ❃ Organic

    ✔ Plastic-Free

    ✿ Natural Renewable Sustainable Materials

    ♲ Recycled/Reclaimed

    ♻ Recyclable/Compostable/Biodegradable

    V Vegan-Friendly

    ✄ Handmade

    ♡ Supports Good Causes